Organic Pet Stain & Odor Remover Spray w/ Lavender & Tea Tree Oil

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Key Features:
ELIMINATES STAINS & ODORS, BOTH OLD & NEW! We know what it is like to try to housebreak a puppy or have a senior dog! And, of course, any pet can have accidents! That is why we have formulated our cleaner to remove even the most persistent of pet stains and odors. Whether fresh, recent one's or dried and old, which might have slipped your attention, this spray efficiently removes all!

SAFE, NON-TOXIC ENZYME CLEANER: Using an advanced, proprietary formula that includes a highly specific enzyme blend, we manufacture the most effective yet gentle enzyme cleaner. Contrary to toxic and non-toxic detergents, enzyme cleaners are 100% non-toxic and extremely efficient; removing stains and odors organically, by breaking down the odor and stain comprising compounds.
OUTSTANDING ORGANIC FORMULA: Our pet stain and odor remover is a water-based, 100% biodegradable solution. It is VOC compliant, meaning it's an environmentally-conscious product, as it is manufactured in accordance to local, state and national environmental laws while it also contains no harmful volatile organic compounds.
EXCELLENT FOR CARPET UPKEEP: This odor and stain remover spray is ideal for wide-area carpet stains and odor protection. Our spray is exceptionally easy to use and can be incorporated in your carpet cleaning routine, as an odor blocking measure.
100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Our founders have a genuine love for pets and their happiness. We take great pride in the quality of our products and want both you and your pet to be satisfied with our organic pet stain and odor remover. That is why should our product not meet or exceed your expectations, you are free to return it and receive a 100%, hassle-free refund of your purchase. Click Buy Now And Get The Best Pet Odor And Stain Enzyme Cleaner On Amazon.

    Pet Diesel's Pet Stain And Odor Remover Makes Cleaning A Breeze!

    The housebreaking period can be tough. Accidents happen to even the best-behaved pets and the most vigilant of pet-training owners. Living with our pets doesn't have to entail persistent odors or hard-to-remove stains. At Pet Diesel, we strive to help maintain perfect balance in everyone's bond with their most trusted partner: their pet. 

    That is why we have poured our expertise in the pet care industry and mastery in manufacturing organic products into creating the finest, natural products whose safety is extended to both humans and pets 

    A Liquid Solution To The Toughest Of Stains & Odors 

    This spray in not only the perfect way to permanently remove urine stains; it's also specifically designed to eliminate feces or vomit residues and a wide variety of other biological pet stains. Our product comes in a handy spray bottle, which is exceptionally easy to carry around your house and apply instantly and topically to soiled areas. 

    Unique Essential Oils 

    Our stain and odor remover formula includes Lavender essential oil, which offers a delightful, calm scent and is a potent pet stain remover, as well as tea tree oil, which is a known powerful antiseptic and all-purpose cleaner.

    Grab Your Own Bottle Now And Remove All Stains And Odors In The Most Natural Way! 

    What are you waiting for, then? 

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