Organic Unscented Pet Shampoo & Conditioner (16 oz)

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Key Features

Luxury Organic Pet Shampoo & Conditioners By Pet Diesel: For Shinny Silky Hair & Coat - Deep Moisture

  • LUXURY ORGANIC PET SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER UNSCENTED:  Our Unscented organic pet shampoo is the perfect blend for having a chemical free shampoo with a heavy rich conditioner uniquely blended on one bottle.   Particularly for those pets who cannot stand even the slightest fragrance.
  • HIGH QUALITY- SAFE FOR YOUR PET: For Pet Diesel the top priority is the utmost care of your pets. All three products are made to be Sulfatem, SLS, SLES, Paraben free ensuring that your dog or cat won’t suffer from any kind of irritation. Feel confident about your choice! All Pet Diesel products are made in the USA and are tested and inspected through our Quality Assurance Inspection Program.
  • PERFECT FOR REGULAR USE: This set of products is great for taking care of your pet all year round. Before applying them on the coat of your cat or dog just wet your pet with warm water. Then use your hands or a brush to deeply massage your pet from the neck to the tail, lathering the product deep into its hair. For even smoother results you can leave the product on your pet for 3 minutes. Then just rinse and towel carefully. We recommend using for pets older than 8 weeks.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS: Showing our love and respect to the animals and the environment, all products are made from biodegradable materials to protect our planet. Pet diesel also uses only organic ingredients that don’t harm the environment while the shampoos are designed to be easily rinsed out to prevent waste of water!
  • 100% MONEY BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Try these great products and if you or your pets are not happy with the results, don’t worry. Just contact us and you will get a full refund! With nothing to lose just give it a try, the results will be rewarding!


Save Money & Time By Grooming Your Pet At Home!

Have you spend a fortune on dog salons trying to offer your pet the shiny, clean and healthy coat it deserves?

Well, not anymore!

Meet The Amazing Products By Pet Diesel & Make Sure That You Provide The Best Care For Your Hairy Friends!

Pet Diesel offers a unique organic pet shampoo & conditioner for your pets, always using the most nutritional ingredients:

Organic Pet Shampoo & Conditioner Unscented:

And for the most sensitive pets, this shampoo is completely unscented, while it helps control the unpleasant odors.

Note that all products will deeply moisturize the skin and hair of your pet, offering a deep cleanse, reducing dandruff and leaving it with a shiny, silk, smooth coat!

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