All Natural & Healthy Dog Peanut Butter Crunch Treats

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Key Features
  • TASTY, USA-MADE TREATS: Made from handpicked ingredients, each treat batch is baked right here in the USA, ensuring maximum treat freshness, quality and safety for your precious dog.
  • PURE AND NATURAL: Free of any harmful chemicals, additives preservatives and by-products, as well as wheat, soy and corn, these treats are a foolproof choice for grain-allergy prone dogs.
  • TREMENDOUS BENEFITS: Packed with flaxseed oil and antioxidants, including vitamin E oil, our treats help safeguard your pet's immune system and joints, while their texture promotes dental health.
  • LOW CALORIE: At just 10 calories per treat, these peanut butter bites are ideal for dogs on low calorie diets. Choke full of natural fiber, they are a nutritious choice for your furry friend.
  • DELIGHTFUL PEANUT BUTTER: A dog favorite, peanut butter treats are a delectable choice for dogs of all sizes and ages, puppies and seniors, while they make for excellent training rewards, too.

Pet Diesel: Purveyors Of Healthy, Chewable Dog Treats!

Imagine sustaining your pet’s diet, day after day.

While dog food is always advertised as tasty, it can become tiring, very quickly, as it restricts your pet’s taste palate, inhibiting it from experiencing a wider variety of dog-safe, natural flavors.

Dog treats are a small, yet incredibly effective snack, helping towards successful positive reinforcement training and some happy, wagging doggie tails!

But you are, justifiably, wary. Throughout the last several years, several dogs succumbed after consuming imported, dangerous treats.

Fear No More.

At Pet Diesel, we are proud to present you with holistic dog treats, manufactured right here in the USA!

What Makes Our Treats Your Best Choice?

We are a USA-based company specializing in pet care. Thousands of satisfied Amazon customers trust Pet Diesel for their dogs’ happiness and wellness

Our treats are made to uphold our high quality standards. Baked in small batches, they are FREE of common allergens and any chemicals, fillers or binders, which would jeopardize your pup’s health.

They are chewable and easy to digest by young or senior dogs, while their crunchy texture stimulates smooth jaw joint mechanics and helps preserve dental health.

Healthful Peanut Butter

What’s in a bite? In addition to a burst of creamy, peanut butter flavor:

- Natural Fiber: Boosts your dog’s digestive system;
- Flaxseed Oil: Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which protect immunity & joint health;
- Vitamin E: Powerful, anti-aging cell antioxidant, for complete dog health!

Help Your Dog Look & Feel His Best, Today!

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