Retractable Dog Leash + Poop Bag Holder + Roll Of Poop Bag (3 Colors Choice) | Comfortable Leash For Walking Small, Medium & Large Dogs | Secure, Tangle-Free, One Button Break & Lock Handle

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  • AN ESSENTIAL FOR EVERY DOG OWNER: Owning a dog equals responsibility. If you are serious about having a dog, make the most out of your walks with your furry friend by owning a premium, retractable leash to safely control your dog! You will also be getting a poop bag holder and a roll of poop bag for when the inevitable happens!
  • •CONVENIENT FOR YOU & YOUR DOG: Our ergonomic dog leash was designed with the help of expert veterinarians in order to fit perfectly in your hand regardless of your palm size. Plus, when your dog finally decides to go “number 2” in the park, you will be READY!
  • •NO TANGLING – JUST FULL CONTROL: Fitted with an anti-tangle feeder, our pet leash is made from high-end materials that together constitute a leash strap that automatically adjusts as your dog explores about. It also features a break & lock mechanism that will shorten the leash when you want to be in full control!
  • •FROM SMALL PUPPIES TO GIGANTIC HOUNDS: Our premium pet leash is light enough to avoid straining smaller breeds of dogs but powerful enough to withstand pulls from heavy and strong dogs without snapping. Plus, it’s very hard for dogs to chew through, ensuring maximum longevity.
  • •CHOOSE THE COLOR THAT YOU LIKE: We know that all our customers and their dogs have different personalities which is why we have made 3 different-colored leashed available! Choose among Black with Blue, Black with Hot Pink and Black with Neon Green and we can guarantee that both you and your dog will look stylish on every walk!



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Reciprocate The Love You Receive From Your Dog Every Single Day By Getting What’s Best For Their Safety & Happiness!

We know that when it comes to walking your dog, a simple, traditional nylon leash won’t cut it. What you need is a pet leash that will provide you with additional control over your dog but also give your dog the freedom to explore about and have fun.

That’s why our retractable leash is the perfect choice for you and your four-legged friend!

Introducing The Ultimate Retractable Pet Leash For Small, Medium & Large Dogs!

Our comfortable and ergonomic pet leash will not burn your hands and it will never hurt your palms in any way.

Make The Most Bang For Your Buck By Taking Advantage Of This Deal!

Working great for left and righted handed dog owners, our pet leash does not come alone!

It is in fact accompanied by a premium poop bag holder and a bonus roll of poop bag for those late-night walks in the park!

Insane Tensile Strength!

Our retractable pet leash was designed specifically to be used with every single breed of dog! We actually took it a step further which is why we are able to verify this fact after testing the tensile strength of our dog leash:

Test Requested: As per client’s requirement, SGS was requested to do the specified selected test: Withstand 150KG of tension test.

Test Method: Apply strength of 150KG to the pet dog leash

Test Result: No failure was found after test.

This proves that our 3-in-1 dog walking kit is by far your best choice you could make.

Why Wait Any Longer? Get The Best For Your Best Friend!

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