Dog Poop Bag Holder + Roll Of Poo Bags | Durable Dog Waste Pickups Bag For Your Pet | Heavy Duty, Leak Proof & Non-See Through Holder | Daily Walks & Travel | Zippered Pouch w/ Carabiner Hook

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  • DOG POOP PICKING MADE EASY: Picking your dog’s waste is the responsible thing to do and now it’s easier than ever with this premium quality, extra durable, poop bag holder! Keep the streets, your yard and your hands clean and your dog happy!
  • INSTANT BAG ACCESS: Save time and hassle by pulling your next dog poop bag from the secure holder bag exactly when you need it most. Plus, this bag comes with a carabiner clip to secure it to your dog leash and always be prepared when the “inevitable” happens!
  • LAYS FLAT & SECURE: Our lightweight pet poop bag dispenser easily secures flat to any dog leash with its durable Velcro straps. It won’t hit the leash or your body and it won’t distract you while you’re on your relaxing dog walks or during dog training!
  • KEEP YOUR MIND AT PEACE: Along with your dog poop bag holder, you will also receive a roll of dog poop bags that feature outstanding durability and they are leak-proof as well to make waste picking fast, discreet and effortless.
  • CHOOSE THE COLOR THAT YOU LIKE: We know that all our customers and their dogs have different personalities which is why we have made 5 different-colored bags available! Choose among Red, Black, Green, Pink & Light Blue and be sure to also get a matching retractable leash by checking our store!



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Make Dog Walking 100% Fun & Stress-Free With Our Unique Dog Poop Holder Bag!

Tired of never having an appropriate bag to hold your dog’s poop rolls while you’re away from home?

Are you fed up with stuffing once grocery bag into another and another, trying to sneak the poop into the closest dumpster, as quickly as possible?

There is no more need for that!

Now you can use our dog poop bag holder, attach it to your leash and take your rolls of poop bags with you everywhere you go!

Always Be Prepared!

We firmly believe that going for a run or a relaxing walk with your dog is one of life’s greatest hits!

However, we also believe that picking the waste after your dog is the responsible thing to do which is why we’ve made sure you and your dog will always be clean, comfortable and prepared!

Our poop bag holder ensures you will be armed and ready when your dog has to go “number 2”!

In fact, we went the extra mile and decided to throw in for free a roll of poop bags so that you don’t have to shop for that separately!

High-End Quality Dog Poop Bag Dispenser!

Our poop bag is made from weatherproof materials and durable hardware to ensure its longevity and your peace of mind.

Plus, if by chance it gets dirty, you can dry wipe it or clean it with a wet wipe in seconds!

Durable Velcro Straps

Simply use the Velcro straps to lock the bag dispenser on your belt, leash or harness.

You can also use the metal carabiner clip to secure the bag holder to your retractable leash!

Instant Access To A Poop Bag Every Time!

Pull a single poop bag from the easy access slot with no fuss, no mess and no hassle!

So, Choose Your Color, Click ‘Add To Cart’ And Keep Your Hands Clean On Every Walk!