Try our 2 Pack Organic Pet Stain & Odor Remover

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Try our 2 Pack Organic Pet Stain & Odor Remover

When you have a pet at home, stains and odors become a reoccurring issue all the time.  Just because you are a pet owner, doesn’t mean you have too live with the mess that comes with it.  Pet Diesel has created an unimaginable Organic Pet Stain &Odor Remover, a non-toxic formula that is available in 3 scents: Lavender, Citrus and Mint.  This remover will make your stain and odors disappear from your car or home forever or your money back. 


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Remember, dogs create their own ‘scent marking’, and they will continue returning back to the same area which makes the spot even dirtier unless you clean it with a stain & odor remover.   We found a solution where using Enzyme cleaners.  Enzyme cleaners are non-toxic and effective, they clean better than toxic and non-toxic detergents. Enzymes cleaners remove odors completely by breaking down the materials causing the odor. Most people use enzyme cleaners for laundry, carpet and upholstery cleaning.


Test our product at home!  Consider buying a black light from a hardware store to discover hidden stains.  This is the only way to reinsure that all stains have been removed 100%.


Just keep in mind these two facts:


  • Because ammonia is a component of urine, using an ammonia-based cleaner is not recommended. The smell of ammonia imitates the smell of urine and can attract your four legged friend to re-soil the same spot.


  • Even using a steam cleaner on carpets and upholstery can make the situation worse. Steam cleaning can make the odor/stain permanent by bonding the protein into man-made fibers.


Try our 2 Pack Organic Pet Stain & Odor Remover. A 100% non-toxic enzyme cleaner that is truly biodegradable. Every product from Pet Diesel is manufactured in accordance to local, state and national environmental laws.


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