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Dogs have extremely sensitive ears that collect dirt, wax and buildup over time. To keep those ears clean, Pet Diesel has developed a ‘Naturally-Derived Formula Ear Wash Solution’ - a high quality product to clean those ears at least twice a week for maintenance.  This will ensure smooth easy cleaning!   Things You Need for Dog Ear Wash:   PetDiesel’s Natural Derived Dog Ear Wash w/ Coconut & Palm Oil & Citrus Extracts.Buy Now! Cotton wool A few treats to distract your dog (optional)   How to Use   First, inspect your dogs ears to make sure what wax or...

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When you have a pet at home, stains and odors become a reoccurring issue all the time.  Just because you are a pet owner, doesn’t mean you have too live with the mess that comes with it.  Pet Diesel has created an unimaginable Organic Pet Stain &Odor Remover, a non-toxic formula that is available in 3 scents: Lavender, Citrus and Mint.  This remover will make your stain and odors disappear from your car or home forever or your money back.    This product are available at the following links below:   Amazon – Pet Diesel – Etsy -...

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  We are giving away our Premium Organic Pet Deodorizer Until we completely run out. Pet Diesel’s organic deodorizer completely removes 99.9% of unpleasant odors and fills the air with the freshness of Lavender.   Your Pooch really doesn't care if you are a superstar, or a simpleton. They never judge you by the way you look, the car you ride, the place you live, or the kinds of food you give them to eat. Your little dog is just there to make you happy for no reason. It loves you because you’re you. But, do you really appreciate the...

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