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Dogs have extremely sensitive ears that collect dirt, wax and buildup over time. To keep those ears clean, Pet Diesel has developed a ‘Naturally-Derived Formula Ear Wash Solution’ - a high quality product to clean those ears at least twice a week for maintenance.  This will ensure smooth easy cleaning!   Things You Need for Dog Ear Wash:   PetDiesel’s Natural Derived Dog Ear Wash w/ Coconut & Palm Oil & Citrus Extracts.Buy Now! Cotton wool A few treats to distract your dog (optional)   How to Use   First, inspect your dogs ears to make sure what wax or...

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We at Pet Diesel care for the quality of life we give our pets.  That means we will  continue to strive to develop research new products that continue the path of producing 100% natural and organic products.  We know exactly what you need to keep your pets happy and healthy and we’re excited to deliver.   Pet Diesel presents a range of top quality organic pet shampoos & conditioners for your pooches and kitty cats.   If you want to buy an effective organic pet shampoo & conditioner that is Sulfate, SLS, SLES, & Parabeen free, you must try one...

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