Pet Diesel Dog Ear Wash

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Pet Diesel Dog Ear Wash

Dogs have extremely sensitive ears that collect dirt, wax and buildup over time. To keep those ears clean, Pet Diesel has developed a ‘Naturally-Derived Formula Ear Wash Solution’ - a high quality product to clean those ears at least twice a week for maintenance.  This will ensure smooth easy cleaning!


Things You Need for Dog Ear Wash:


  • PetDiesel’s Natural Derived Dog Ear Wash w/ Coconut & Palm Oil & Citrus Extracts.Buy Now!
  • Cotton wool
  • A few treats to distract your dog (optional)


How to Use


First, inspect your dogs ears to make sure what wax or buildup we’re dealing with.  Or is could be a simple case of having red, itchy, inflamed ears. Then shake well before using.  Apply generously to a cotton swab and gently wipe the inside of the ear flap.  Foe excess buildup, a-second application may be necessary.  Use daily for 3 days, or until wax build-up residue and odors are removed.  Reapply 1-2 times per week as maintenance.  


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