Organic Pet Shampoo & Conditioner

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Organic Pet Shampoo & Conditioner

We at Pet Diesel care for the quality of life we give our pets.  That means we will  continue to strive to develop research new products that continue the path of producing 100% natural and organic products.  We know exactly what you need to keep your pets happy and healthy and we’re excited to deliver.


Pet Diesel presents a range of top quality organic pet shampoos & conditioners for your pooches and kitty cats.


If you want to buy an effective organic pet shampoo & conditioner that is Sulfate, SLS, SLES, & Parabeen free, you must try one of our three shampoos!  Guaranteed to leave a shiny coat…




Pet Diesel’s organic shampoo and conditioner cleans your pets effectively without destroying the pH balance or alkaline/acidity balance of their skin.  You know that using non-organic products may disrupt this very important component of skin called “the pH balance”. This mild acidic layer covers the skin and serves as a defense mechanism. It is there to protect the topmost layer of the skin from environmental contaminants such as bacteria and viruses. This layer also keeps the outer body well hydrated, by absorbing water and resisting excessive evaporation. Pet Diesel’s shampoo’s deliver.


So, when you bathe your cuddly four legged child using ordinary soaps and shampoos, you wash away this layer of acidic oil. In absence of this protective layer, the tender skin of your dog, or cat, is attacked by a host of harmful microorganisms. This may cause dry, flaky, irritated and peeling skin, or a rash of itchy bumps. And you just can’t watch your exuberant child suffer helplessly.



The Solution: Place your order now! Try our organic pet shampoos & conditioners and if you’re not satisfied – we guarantee your money back.  With nothing to lose, just give it a try, the results will be rewarding!


  • Ingredients used are mild and completely biodegradable which makes these products eco-friendly and harmless for people around.


  • Our organic shampoos gently infuse many vital nutrients into the hair follicles and the skin to nourish the coat from inside out. It makes the fur look shiny on the outside, and strong from inside.  


Benefits are:

Great for pets with allergies.  

Prevents hair loss, enriches hair.  

Heals dry hair.

Conditions and moisturizes for a rich, shiny coat.  

Helps control odors.



Hurry! Go for the good stuff, and you won't mind when your dog, or cat places its paws on your lap to get a hug from you.

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