How and when you should shift from Puppy to Adult Dog Food

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How and when you should shift from Puppy to Adult Dog Food


What is the best food for your furry pal and what is not- this one is one of the most debated topics among pet parents. Some pet owners feel the more a brand costs, the more nutrient value it’s products has. Some don't even bother to stick to a brand, they just pick up what they see first on the store shelf. But here is the thing that you must know at the time of making your choice regarding dog food. Every dog has different nutritional needs. The nutritional requirement varies depending on the age of the dog and the breed. It’s important to feed your dog age appropriate dog food to keep him healthy. So, when is the right time to switch from puppy food to adult dog food? The answer depends on the breed of your puppy.

For small or medium breed dog

Small breed dog that weighs less than 20 pounds at maturity is considered adult at about one year of age. So if your dog is a small breed then about one year of his age, you can start introducing him to adult dog food.

For Medium breed dog

If your dog is of medium size then they will also reach maturity at one year, so you should switch from puppy food to adult dog food when your dog is about one-year-old.

And for Large or giant breed dog

You should change from puppy food to adult food when your dog reaches the age of 18 months to 24 months. Large breed takes longer to reach adulthood.

So, shift from puppy food to adult food as per the breed of your dog.

Dogs have three stages of life, puppy, adult and senior. These three distinct stages are equally important periods of your pooches’ life. On reaching every stage, the dog need proper nutrient as per the stage to lead a healthy life. 

How to make the right choice?

It’s likely that your puppy will show signs that it is ready for dog food. You will see he is not taking interest in its puppy food anymore. Make the transition slow as if you make a sudden change in diet that will cause indigestion and loose stool.


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